Friday, April 28, 2006

Brooklyn Brou-haha

I hate to be so Manhattan-centric – but when did it become okay for Brooklyn mamas to cheer their borough while grinding ours in the dust?

Somehow, if you’re not a brownstone-living, Bugaboo-pushing, Brooklyn-based mama you are about as un-hip as it comes in Gotham.

Well, I am happy to report that there are plenty of us, chic (uh), hip (er), cool mamas hanging out in our Manhattan playgrounds. And while we may not have the square-footage to lord over our Brooklyn borough compadres, we also don’t have to suffer the various subway trains that snake slowly through Brooklyn’s neighborhoods just to get home. Oh, you all have cars? Nice – ever try to park in the CITY?

Sure I sound a bit defensive. Maybe because I’ve read yet another story today about what it takes to be hip to be a mama – this one courtesy of The New York Observer which claims (again...) that Manhattan is d-e-a-d and the hipster parenting crowd is now ensconed in Brooklyn. Apparently, now even my zip code now makes me an uncool mama.

The minute the rabbit was born, my time and energy to devote to keeping myself somewhat au courant dipped into minutes per week. If my nails are trimmed, my legs shaved and my hair conditioned I’m feeling pretty good. Hey – this week I even gave my poor neglected eyebrows some attention, and worked my edgy leather jacket into an outfit.

As far as I’m concerned, that makes me hip enough.

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