Thursday, April 27, 2006

BabyTalk Rocks!

A huge thank you to Stephanie Wood, Meagan Francis and all the rest at BabyTalk for mentioning our blog! We're going to step away from being cranky mamas for one minute and say:

You guys rock! Everyone go to right now and check it out: GREAT SITE and GREAT MAGAZINE!


Or if that doesn't work (a mothersontheverge tech issue....) try the old cut and paste...,198040,1175596_1,00.html?

(and now for our regularly scheduled snarky programming...)


Jill said...

I'm so glad you're back. I saw that BabyTalk article AND it caused my to bookmark you on my Treo AND it inspired me (and the husband)to start my own blog. I was worried that all the publicity inexplicably scared you off. Glad it didn't!

Manhattan Mama said...

So glad to you have in the blogosphere Minnehaha mama! Nope, we're back with a vengeance!