Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sitting in my PJs

It's 11 am, okay 11:06 am, and I am still in my pajamas -- working, mind you, but still haven't changed from the shorts and T-shirt I was wearing when I crawled out of bed 5 hours ago.

Normally I am a very organized individual -- down to the 30 minutes I actually write into my daily schedule (yes, I have one of those too) three times a week to jump up and down like a bouncy ball in front of FitTv pretending I am giving myself exercise.

So finding myself unshowered, and fairly undressed at this late hour is an unusual event. The Rabbit is at school, the house is quiet, the Prince has even called to me tell me something sweet, and I am marching successfully through interviews.

Got to say. Pajamas may be the key. Must go. Don't want to ruin the good juju.

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