Saturday, February 25, 2006

No Yurt for the Rabbit

For all those living in Gotham, I am sure you read the piece in Escapes this morning in the NYTimes about this lovely resort called Treebones that is in Big Sur, California.

Well, the Prince, rabbit and I just happen to be taking a one-week drive down the California coast in April and I called tonight to see if there's room:

"Will there be just the two of you?"
"Well, and my three-year-old daughter."
"Oooeeuuu. Well, we only have a certain number of families yurts (note to reader: hut)."
"Yes, we find, uh, it strikes, uh, a nice balance. We have nothing that night. Is there any flexibility? We have one night the week before and one the week after."
"Um, no. We'll still be in New York then."

So, not to sound like a snob, but the Rabbit has slept in a golden crib in The Ritz in Spain, and had breakfast in bed at The Cadogan in London. She's had waiters in white-tableclothed restaurants all over Gotham warm milk for her. I think she can handle a night in a yurt. More to the point: I think the people staying there can handle her as well. Would I rather listen to the sounds eminating from a yurt with a 3-year-old in bed by 8pm? ("zzzzzz") or those from a couple there for a romantic night? ("censored").

Plus, no where on their web site ( -- send them an email!) do they indicate that they try to "balance" the number of kids they allow. A little omission also missing from the Times story -- do we wonder why they don't mention it? Because it's simple: discrimination of any sort is vile and embarrassing.

Treebones Resort in Big Sur California? Not a good thing.

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Mrs. Goodley said...

I think that could have been illegal. You should check it out.