Thursday, January 26, 2006

Warning: Not a Usual Post - Something Nice

I had a glorious day yesterday.

Six fabulous women, who all had their kidlets in our 30s, chatting away about how our lives have morphed into something different for a magazine issue due out in the Spring.

The rabbit showed up in the afternoon with the other children, was mesmerized by the make-up and hair people who turned her fly-aways into two glorious "piggy tails." She couldn't stop touching them or looking at herself in the mirror. Even The Prince got away from his job in time for us to be photographed as family. And someone put this amazing elixir into my hair turning it into Rapunzel ringlets.

Best? Not one of the women turned out to be a (s)mother.

It was so inspiring and also a little sad, making me realize how important it is for us all to have communities of other women to talk to that "GET" us.

But then I realized that's what we're doing into our blogs.
(a collective, "oh, that's so nice.")

And now back to our regularly scheduled snarky programming.....


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

so glad it went well - what a moment, when job satisfaction morphs into life satisfaction, well done!

oh and p.s. - one of the great joys of my second daughter is that, in copying her elder sister, she lets me do piggy tails that her elder sister - at her age - would NEVER let me do... and little girl piggies are the cutest, right?

Jodes said...

this is the second blog where the word snarky is used, love it....found you thru the webring...crazy hip mommas