Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Deep Pink Undercover

I think the (s)mothers are on to me. At The Rabbit's nursery school the other day I felt the evil eye gaze in my direction from no less than three (s)mothers. Have they discovered I am a mole?

The Rabbit has joined ballet classes. Please. How could I resist the opportunity to dress her in pink ballet slippers and a pink leotard? She prances about the house now, tip toeing around pretending she is doing an arabesque. It's too too much.

Many (s)mothers sat with me last week as we watched our creatures gallop across a dance floor, more linebakers than floating flowers, but so proud of their movements.
I turned to one (s)mother and said, "Doesn't this remind you of taking ballet when you were little?" She said, "Actually I wore black." To which her (s)mother compadre added, "Yes, isn't that more traditional?" Sneers all around.

Ballet class No. 2 is tomorrow. I'm thinking pink hair pins, pink nail polish, and pink coat for the walk over. And that's just for me.


Suburban Turmoil said...

Blech. Down with (s)mothers!

Moonface said...

i never took ballet when i was little. (i never took any kind of classes really. but thats a whole different story.) which is probably why i am on the look for a good (read: affordable) ballet class for my kindergartner. for the moment she walks tip toes around the house, arms waving (in slow mo) wearing her adorabe tutu (pink of course).

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Do it, do it, do it. Revel in the pink (and in the pissing off the (s)mothers)
While I know it happened, I can no longer remember the time when I thought the Barbie aisle in K-Mart was a disgusting colour. It's like toilet training: I know I must have done it but the memory? All gone.

Manhattan Mama said...

Ahhh. Toilet Training. Unfortunately I thought I was done and then the rabbit went on a mini-strike this week. Maybe needs yet another post.....Hey Bec, been trying to leave comments on your blog for the last few days but can't seem to do it. Am I just seriously lame??

Dawn said...

Roll her in glitter too.