Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bake Sale Battle

A (s)mother "volunteered" me for the bake sale at the rabbit's pre-school tomorrow. What am I allegedly making? Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Right. Last time I cracked open the oatmeal I fantasized I was making wholesome breakfasts in the morning.

So how did I deal with this? I scratched out the oatmeal. And wrote in chocolate chip and ginger. MAKE ME STOP.

What else happened today? Allegedly the most depressing day of the year (something to do with winter darkness, lack of light, nothing to look forward to, hmmm.....) also brought:

1. a full-on fit by the rabbit in a cafe screaming "I am so HUNGRY mama! as I carried her out like a sack of potatoes for spitting water through her straw like a pea shooter at me and better -- the childless woman in a stylish suit already glaring at my breeding self.
2. someone warning me that my email address was bouncing back -- where I worked TWO years ago. (is my life so boring people can't remember what I am doing?)
3. Discovering wrinkles on my knees -- oh and a ZIT on my hip. Please. PLEASE!

I have a story due tomorrow morning, this roundtable in the afternoon where I imagine the word "like" will pop out of my mouth at least 26 times (have I ever mentioned I am a LALA -- Los Angeles -- transplant?), and the Prince still at work on his "important" assignment.

I'm sharpening my axe.


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I have a kitchen machete I am saving for just such a mood...

and while I am sadly familiar with the wrinkles and zits scenario honey, your HIP? really? bizarre.

Manhattan Mama said...

That's what made it all the more perplexing -- really, my hip. I thought it was paint for about a second. And then a mosquito bite. But nope. A zit.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but nothing's worse than getting them on your butt. =) have a nice day!