Wednesday, October 26, 2005

You Go Girl

Today Yummy London Mummy braves a, well, brave new world, and begins her new gig in the full-time work universe where nappies/diapers, poos and tantrums over the television (ok, telly), are not the stuff of daily chatter. (Well, at least not before a few drinks....)

So in honor of this day, HER day, we say:

You represent!

We raise our juice boxes high in your honor! (and expect a full accounting as soon as the shock of being able to use the potty, er, ladies room(!) without someone else peering into the bowl, sinks in....)

From those of us who have been there, juggling babes and boardroom, and are on what we like to call "our office hiatus," we're impressed with your fearlessness. And keep a seat warm, because we're certain we'll be jumping back in with you in short order.

For today, cheers on us!


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Good luck Yummy London Mummy. Enjoy the loos - after three years I still revel in the peace that is the (manic) office!

Kelly said...

I'm jealous of you YLM.

bangkok expat mama said...

i can't wait to hear mummy tales from the office -- just pray none of your colleagues resembles david brent in any way! ugh.

Yummy London Mummy said...

Manhattan Mama - how sweet are you? I'm so sad you're so far away. I'm going to make it my mission to get you an obscenely (sp?) overpaid gig in London so we can sit in L'Abbaye every evening (although as I told you, they've gone seriously downhill) setting the world to rights and falling off our seats after too much Belgian beer. Sound good to you? I'm sure the Prince will be on for another stint this side of the pond if we get him a Chelsea season ticket... :-)

And thanks to all the rest of you guys for your lovely words of support. I will do a post soon about my new job and how BLOODY GREAT IT IS!!!!

Manhattan Mama said...

Ahhh L'Abbaye. Forget the season ticket. He'd do it for a pint.