Sunday, October 09, 2005

What It Takes to Stay a Mama

Tonight as I am rubbing the latest cream into my face in effort to stave off the inevitable — and to hopefully look like a young mama as the rabbit gets older — I stupidly read the back ingredients.
"Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media."
I'm a curious character and so I decide to Google the ingredient that is allegedly going to eliminate the physical evidence of the years of exhaustion already etched on my skin. And what does the Internet tell me?
That "human fibroblast conditioned media" is a derivative of newborn cells from foreskins. Yep. From circumcision to a beauty bottle near you.
So here's the scary part: I can't decide whether to throw it out or not.


Anonymous said...

Throw it out! That's disgusting.

Rub some of your husband's ejaculate into your skin instead; it's the most miraculous skin cream ever invented -- and you can't buy it at any beauty shop.

laura said...

[snort, snicker, cough] And how much does this miraculous man produce at a go? And is his stuff, equally miraculously, somehow less sticky than every other man's?? (Though perhaps I'm embarrassingly wrong in cynically assuming that was husband's comment...)

Manhattan Mama said...

All I know is that I enjoy my forays for shopping and such......although I'm sure the Prince would be happy to help (!) But I have to agree -- not sure that stickiness is exactly the, uh, texture I'm looking for.....