Monday, October 31, 2005

Scary (S)mothers on All Hallows Eve

First off, I need to admit that I volunteered for all of this. Yes, I agreed, willingly, with enthusiasm to bake 6 dozen cupcakes, make 72 trick or treat bags (with curly ribbons) and bake 4 dozen sugar cookies to look like pumpkins (which I just finished) for the Halloween party that I assume the rabbit, just shy of her third birthday, will never remember.

Forget I have a rewrite due on a feature, several deadlines for other pieces, nor even attempted to squeeze into my exercise clothes once in the past 2 weeks.

I bounded into the party room this evening, oh so proud of my party bags and cupcakes -- and did anyone bat an eye? Of course not. The (s)mothers are too smart. Their cookies have little pumpkins baked in the middle -- in perfect orange. They think the trick or treat bags are, well, a little excessive ("Don't we have ENOUGH sugar for them, already?")

I should know better. I lost my date at the prom. Have never attended a high school ruin-ion. I guess I thought I would make an effort to be "part of" for the rabbit. Well, as the rabbit likes to say, "Want to see my scary face?"


Yummy London Mummy said...

LOL. You are SO good. But you got the best revenge - just think of the (s)mothers trying to deal with their sugar overloaded kids after the event (obviously their kids live on a diet of brown rice and tofu with the odd raisin as a special treat) and laugh, laugh, laugh...!

DozeyMagz said...

Hello there! Just came across your blog and wanted to say hi!
Happy Halloween!

Moonface said...

LOL! Loving this blog!!!

Kelly said...

Oh Manhattan....
You have to know that those s(mothers) are cheating.... right?!? Those cookies they made sound like the Pillsbury ready-made cookie dough that you just cut out.
And seriously...
You have got to tell them all where to go.
Congrats on all your hard work. If I would have been at that party I would have just stood in awe at your huge accomplishment... (and then asked you for whatever drug you were taking so you could get it all done.)

bangkok expat mama said...

kudos to you for even offering to host such a high-stakes event, esp as it was for the rabbit's sake, not for any martha stewart-like aspirations on your part! i'm too lazy even to offer. we just trick-or-treated here. my japanese neighbors are really into halloween. funny things is, tho, their kids aren't taught to say "trick or treat!" so instead our gang just rang doorbells, then rushed into each doorway, grabbing at treats. mine was the sole voice (cuz why would my kids copy mom?) warbling "erm, trick or treat...thank you!" so i got lots of strange looks.

Yummy London Mummy said...

hi dozey, happy (late) Halloween to you too
Thanks Moonface!
kelly - I agree, or if it's not Pillsbury I bet they get their housekeepers to make them
expat mama - LOL, bet you had the best time though.
she's good isn't she, our MM? And I can also tell you that she's funny, smart and gorgeous (big boobs and long legs, how jealous am I??) to boot. MM honey, these cows probably spit with jealousy when they see you. F*ck 'em.

Suburban Turmoil said...

God, I so relate. The bitches.

Ruin-ions! I love it!

Manhattan Mama said...

Update alert!
I snuck a bite from one of the (s)mothers homemade vanilla cupcakes -- me thinks someone mistook the salt for the sugar....SOOOO glad that is over!