Sunday, October 02, 2005

Indecent Exposure

Halfway through our Sunday lunch of sausages and mash, Firstborn pipes up, "Mummy, Archie showed me his billy." "Oh?" I say, "that's nice, darling." Firstborn continues, "Mummy, why don't I have a billy?" Alpha Male asks, "What's a billy?" "No idea," I reply. "A billy, Mummy," Firstborn says, her voice loaded with scorn, "is what boys do a wee-wee out of. Don't you know that Mummy?"

It turns out that the highlight of my daughter's first week at nursery was being flashed at. It's a premonition of what the future holds.

Alpha Male is furious. "Little prick!" he bellows.

Never was a wiser word said.

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