Monday, October 24, 2005

Hootchie Mama

The rabbit has taken to calling me Hootchie Mama. I'm not sure I should be offended because I don't even know if she understand what it means -- nor does my usual costume of jeans, black or gray sweater and boots fall into Hootchie territory.

Of course this summer I did decided to stock up on camisole tops which I wore with abandom after spending summers in this ferociously hot city sweltered in long-sleeved T's. But after passing 35, I decided to try and give up some of my angst about my not so perfect arms, and stomach, and well everything. (although tip for the day: Pilates is a miracle cure for anything jiggling in the mid-section. You think you may throw up mid-class, but the results are better than my years of running, swimming, treadmills, etc...)

Anyway, so I started wondering...did a s(mother) on the playground hint at my attire and the rabbit picked up on the word? She seems to think it's cool, and loves to sing about her Hootchie Mama while she draws. It hasn't affected her clothing style -- probably because I still dress her. Although, there is an Imelda Marcos lurking in there -- she has more pairs of shoes then me, changes them several times of day depending on where we are going, and recently absconded with a pair of my Costume National heels which she tried to teeter on in her room. I had to stop her -- after all, if she learns how to walk in heels now, what is she going to do in the 6th grade after school with her friends?


Bangkok Expat Mama said...

...perhaps she'll be, erm, a rockette?

you two have me so much in stitches that i can't even remember how i stumbled upon your site a few days ago.

keep it up, and you shall have a book on your hands. i'm thinking "dear exile" (by hilary liftin & -- I forget, but it's their correspondence while hil stays in manhattan and her pal goes to africa for a year) minus the malaria, plus the (s)mothers and other hazards. look it up on amazon and you'll see what i mean.

anyway, well done.

Manhattan Mama said...

Hmmm...Rockette...not a bad thought. 'Course we have to see if her gams grow in long-enough for those kick-steps! So glad you found us!

Manhattan Mama said...

Hey -- wanted to add that we love your blog too -- can't leave a comment, but a great read:

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Hi there
if, by s(mother) you mean the kind of mother who decides that she has to be needed every second of every hour in order to justify her new 'career' - you've totally got my vote... and now, back to my daily juggle of full time media work and three kids, feeling much better that there are others out there like us!

Manhattan Mama said...

Or justify why they're doing a better (s)mothering job than me...ugh.