Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wet Ones

The rabbit has discovered she likes to "clean." This means taking every wipe out of her diaper drawer and wiping everything she can find: her face, the goldfish, the toilet seat, the floor, my slices of apple (thankfully before I started to eat them.)

Yesterday she decided to "clean" with my favorite summer top -- one of the few things I own that still has a shape to it, and allows me to resemble a non-mommy person. (Yes, this means no stains, no rips, and not so baggy that older ladies ask, gloating, "Is there another one on the way?" These are always the same women who pinch the rabbit's cheeks which causes her to growl like a half-mute....I actually encourage that...) When I finally wrestled it from her, she seemed genuinely perplexed as in "But why can't I mop the spaghetti sauce on the floor with your silk top?"

I started to wish for her cousin's obsession with the vacuum cleaner. Of course, he tried to suck the fur off the family dog. But we don't have a dog, and there are some dust bunnies in ther living room I haven't gotten to in the last, oh, month. Maybe....

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