Thursday, September 22, 2005

Stroller Stigma

The New York Times is doing yet another round of finger-pointing this morning with their story in today's Style Section attacking mothers and their Big Strollers. They know this is an instant button-pushers for readers -- what's going on Gray Lady-- not enough letters to the editor this week?

Quote after quote from irritated people complaining of us mothers banging into them with our SUV-type strollers as if we proudly wield these monstrosities like some Kelly bag. What I want to know is this: Have they ever tried pushing one of these things down the street? Carry them down the subway stairs? On to a bus? Into a grocery store? Better: Fight their two-year-old who insists on pushing it themselves? A stroller is an instant symbol of ostracism. Sure, there are some who proudly push their $1000 prams in their Manolo Blahniks (oh yes, in NYC you see everything...) But for the most of us, we cringe when we have to pull our stained four-wheeler on to the sidewalk to mingle with the "normal" folk.

Bumping into people is part of the city experience. Tourists who stop abruptly mid-step. Shoppers slamming their bags against you on a crowded train. Let's not forget the spitters, dog owners who don't pick up after THEIR sweeties, and bike messengers who make a walk in Manhattan an adrenaline-like rush. But then again, complaining is also a city sport -- enjoyed especially by those who have enough leisure time on their hands to pick on those of us who haven't seen the inside of a manicurists since the last election.

I say we start a new prejudice: My vote? People who carry their little dogs in their handbags. Any thoughts?

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