Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Jam Sandwiches

The Small(er) one used to eat everything, with a special talent for vegetable consumption. But now she's embarked upon a hunger strike.

Actually, this is not strictly true. It's just that if it isn't a chocolate button, a piece of cheese, an orange, sweetcorn or an Innocent fruit smoothie then it won't gain access to the ever-screaming cavern that is her mouth.

I guess that this isn't too dreadful. I imagine that most of the essential food groups are represented in this short list of foodstuffs, but being a neurotic, nervous and borderline insane (i.e. normal) mother, it worries me.

I read an interview once about a boy who refused to eat anything except jam sandwiches for eighteen years and claims that he's never been ill. The accompanying picture was of a strapping lad with a ruddy complexion, but still...

The days of being able to look pityingly upon other parents who's children refused to eat their greens is but a fond memory. Let that be a lesson to me.

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