Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Incredibly stupid moment #33,214

Getting into a pointless tussle with a multistory car park wall this morning (tight exit, what can I say?)

Result: Me nil, car park 1.

Over here in Dubai, if you have an accident - even if there is nobody else involved - you have to call the police out so they can look at the damage and give you a bit of paper to take to your insurer. Without the bit of paper you won't be able to get your car fixed. Hence the following exchange with a rather charming policeman:

Policeman (incredulous): "You did this on your own?"
Me (shamefaced): "Yes."
Policeman (puzzled): "No other car?"
Me (blushing): "No. Just me and the wall."
Policeman (shaking head in amazement): "Big damage!"
Me (squirming with embarrassment): "Yup."



FNB said...

I feel your shame. I drove into my own garage wall a few years back and shaved off the right wing of my car. Trying to explain that was a pretty embarrassing moment I can tell you ;-)

Kate S. said...

So pleased it's not just me... :-)

I once went into a lamp-post too. Now that really was stupid. Odd thing is though that it's just inanimate objects that I seem to bash into. Otherwise I have never had a car accident and (touch wood) hopefully never will. Believe it or not, I'm a fairly competent driver...